High-performance facilities support SFT’s quality

Our high technology production line meets the strict needs of the market. We are making efforts to create a comfortable plant environment and produce efficient and high-quality products.

SFT Plant

We introduce world-level technologies into our integrated production system to manufacture bearing parts.

Plant adopts the integrated production system to manufacture highprecision bearing parts. We have established efficient and productive processes to meet the high requirements. Introduction of a new hot forging technology has significantly increased productivity of bearing parts. We are working toward further increasing productivity.

To meet requirements of today’s high-performance machine products, we are making daily efforts to build a high-precision, high-efficiency production system.

Manufacturing Facilities

 Facility Number of Lines  OD  Height  Width  Weight (Max.)  Production Capacity in MT (Monthly)
 Conventional Ring Rolling  4  Ø50mm to Ø250mm  up to 80mm  up to 175mm  4.5 Kgs.  1000 MT
 Conventional Profile Ring Rolling  1  Ø200mm to Ø500mm  up to 300mm  up to 175mm  30 Kgs.  200 MT
 Anneling  24  All  All  All  -  1275 MT
 CNC Turning  71  Ø50mm to Ø500mm  up to 300mm  up to 175mm  30 Kgs.  1 Million Rings