About Us

As a leading company in the industry, we are pursuing further technological innovation in our safe, comfortable working environment.

As a specialist of manufacturing bearing parts, we Satani Forge & Turn have been winning customer trust since our foundation in 1983, we, a leading company in the industy, have adopted the integrated production system to obtain high reputation on our technological skills and flexibility.

The global economic recession caused had a great impact on Satani Forge & Turn. To overcome such adversity, we are seriously considering continuous growth in our business and transforming ourselves.

In 2005 for the first time after our foundation, we developed a mediumterm business vision. “SFT Vision 2005”. From a medium-and long term standpoint, we have started a number of new activities to enhance our corporate value through the efforts of all our employees. Among our activities, energy and resource saving efforts are the most important. Therefore, many of SFT’S new activities are related to energy and resource saving. WE believe that developing new products and technologies will greatly contribute to protection of the global environment.

We are continuously striving to build a new corporate culture where our employees can work satisfactorily and thrive professionally. We will foster excellent human resources by reforming our personal / education system.

As a company we contribute to create an affluent society. Satani Forge & Turn will continue to work toward technological innovation to respond to the needs of society.

Your continued guidance and support will be greatly appreciated.